Exercise in its most basic form isn't the only aspect of the fitness world. In order to really maximise your levels, you should include these aspects: bone strength, flexibility, aerobic, balance and muscular fitness.

Bone strengthening includes weight bearing exercises, either muscle loading or gravitational activities. The exercises that you can do strengthen bones are tennis, running, jumping, weight lifting, resistance training, basketball and yoga.

Flexibility is being able to move joints properly without pain, as well as your muscle length. Having good flexibility promotes better balance, posture, coordination, agility and can aid to prevent falls and injuries. Daily stretching of muscles and joints can eventually enhance your range of motion. Practicing yoga is a great way of developing and strengthening.

Aerobic exercise is a workout that is at a moderate pace. Activities you can try to cover this aspect include running, jogging, swimming, dancing and so on.

Balance provides you with stability, which in turn reduces the risk of injuries. Just standing on one leg for increased periods of time will help improve your overall stability; don't forget to alternate legs though. There are exercises such as yoga that help with overall balance.

Muscular fitness involves activities that build your muscle endurance and strength. When building your muscle mass, you should be working all the major muscle groups: hips, chest, shoulders, abdominals, legs, and arms.

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