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One thing that everyone should keep on top of is their fitness. There are many benefits surrounding good health and staying fit. Exercising can help reduce the risk of major illnesses like stroke, heart disease, and cancer by up to 50%. Whatever your age exercise and keeping yourself at a good level of fitness has been scientifically proven to help you lead a healthier life.

Attitudes and approached to staying fit differ greatly. For example when they think about fitness world class athletes tailor almost everything they do towards achieving their goal, getting their meal plans right and following a very strict exercise regimen. People who train for fun rather than competition are less strict with themselves.

Any physical activity can boost mood, self-esteem, energy and sleep quality, as well as reducing your risk of depression. Considering the overwhelming evidence, it seems right that we should all be physically active. Staying at a good level of fitness means adults should try to be active every day, aiming to achieve a minimum of 150 minutes of physical activity over the course of a week. This can be done through an array of activities.

For many, the easiest way of making exercise a part of everyday life is to replace using a car with walking or cycling, for example. However you fulfil your quota, generally the more you do the better. One thing to make sure of when exercising, is you need to be moving fast enough to raise your heart rate. When moving at this rate it is called moderate intensity activity.

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